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2Fast 100cc Cyl & Crank Kit

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Unlike other 2Fast 100cc Kits, this kit is ready to run. All head work has been completed.

You've heard about 100cc 2Fast kit but never seen on a shop? Yes, because so far it does not exist. Several racers have the modified 94cc kit with longer stroke. This model is simply taken on the same base but with more material for optimal mounting with displacement of 100cc. Need to be used in conjunction with 47mm stoke/95mm con rod 2Fast crankshaft. The cylinder have 2mm more on top and 5mm more in the bottom. So there will be no need for cylinder base spacers for mounting. The head is delivered raw work piece with negative dome of 2.5mm itself according to your desire. However, you can order separately standard 52mm head (94cc).

The crankshaft is the heart and soul of your engine - Only use the best quality for maximum performance and reliability.


  • Gasket kit TRT3001
  • Piston Kit S6-75KO03.A
  • Piston Ring S6-75KR02
  • Engine Type Minarelli Horizontal
  • Conrod 95mm
  • Pin 12/13mm
  • Stroke 47mm
  • Displacement 100cc
  • 86cc Malossi 44mm Stroke x 85mm Rod - 50mm Piston Bore
  • 86cc 2FAST 44mm Stroke x 90mm Rod - 50mm Piston Bore
  • 90cc 2FAST 45.8mm Stroke x 90mm Rod - 50mm Piston Bore
  • 94cc 2FAST 44mm Stroke x 90mm Rod - 52mm Piston Bore
    • 100cc 2FAST 47mm Storke x95m Rod - 52mm Piston Bore