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Malossi MHR Overange Kit

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New version available since September 2005. This is the complete kit from the Malossi Hyper Racing (MHR) series. It consists of the complete rear pulleys (fixed and movable halves) contra spring, MHR variator, fixed half of the vario and oversize drive belt. Thanks to the larger rear-pulleys the range of transmission is increased which results in advantages such as better acceleration and better adjustment. Included in the current kit are a newly developed variomatic with 19x15.5mm rollers which allow for smoother engine running and easier adjustment. Attention, this kit can only be used with engines that come with 3-shoe-clutches and a clutch bell with 107mm inner diameter.

Attention: now comes with 19.5x 15.5mm vario rollers in 3.5gr and 3.8gr.