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Stage6 Adjustable Clutch "Special" Combo

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STAGE6 ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH AND 107mm BELL also set of firm red S-6 springs for better launch all in one combo kit.

After selling tuning parts for many years now, we have experienced nearly all centrifugal clutches on the market.

As a result of constant feedback from customers and from our own racing team, we are aware of the good and the bad points.

Working together with a well-known manufacturer - as well as experts from 2FAST, Kiesler Racing and Koopmans Tuning - we now (after months of work, at first with CAD programmes and later on with prototypes) have developed a clutch that combines all of the strong points of the existing clutches and also has some new innovative features.

So now we proudly present this patented system. What makes this clutch so unique is the position in which the springs are mounted: they face towards the clutch bell which makes spring replacements and adjustments a piece of cake, since you don't have to remove the whole clutch from the rear pulleys. The way the clutch engages is fully adjustable by the 8 weight attachment points, so you can make the clutch pads fast biting or slowly engaging.

This new innovative construction ensures maximum torque transferred to the wheel on engagement.