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Stage6 R/T Big Bore 95cc Cylinder

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Finally it’s here: The cylinder that we all have been waiting for! Based on the well-known, record-breaking 70cc cylinder, this 95cc version promises amazing power and a lot of potential for new record performances! Unlike other common tuning parts companies where “big bore” simply means that the bores have been enlarged, Stage6 has also re-designed exhaust and transfer ports, thus being able to offer a racing thoroughbred high-end big bore cylinder.

Cylinder bore has been increased by 10% to now 52mm. In combination with nearly 5mm more stroke, this provides lots of torque, at a pleasant 12600rpm. The cylinder comes with rather tame port timing; it is thus suitable for all kinds of racing series and for other uses, and it offers an ideal base for tuning.

The principle of the patented modular construction has been kept of course, ensuring that the cylinder can be used on other engines as well. A Viton® O-ring takes care of the sealing between adaptor plate and cylinder, so that the tedious cleaning of sealing surfaces and replacing of gaskets is no longer necessary. Once the adaptor plate has been mounted and adjusted via base gaskets, there is no need to re-adjust later on.

The CNC-milled adaptor plate is screwed to the engine case, receiving the cylinder via exterior studs. The system of the R/T 95cc cylinder doesn’t need continuous studs; the exhaust and transfer port layout therefore doesn’t face the obstructions of conventional racing cylinders, and quite a few tuning and porting reserves can be achieved.

The spherical inner cylinder head cap with a 46% squish band is screwed at 5 points and thermally stabilized via own cooling pockets. This eliminates the critical points at the studs that tend to lead to piston seizures. The coated Vertex piston offers a theoretically shorter running-in period as well as improved emergency running properties, so that small mistakes can be forgiven.

Mounting the flange via three screws ensures that exhaust and cylinder have a tight connection and fuel leakage can be reduced to a minimum.

There are also Stage6 R/T BIG BORE 95 exhaust systems available that have been developed specifically for this capacity range.

Comes complete with matching exhaust flange for Stage6-R/T-Exhaust and installation instructions.

Here you can download the installation instructions in addition:

S6-7514010 - Piaggio LC

S6-7516611 - Minarelli horizontal LC

Attention: In order to be able to install the cylinder, the engine case will have to be opened up to 58.40mm in the cylinder base area. In case of faulty or missing mounting material, please make sure to use ONLY Stage6 replacement parts; failure to do so may result in irreparable damage! You will need to use the cylinder in conjunction with a crankshaft with 90mm conrod, 44mm stroke and 14mm piston pin.